What’s in a name? Understanding the Campus Reps brand

We surveyed Reps to find out their thoughts on the program's name

A few weeks ago we heard from some Campus Reps in Europe that the name of the program wasn’t well understood at their schools. They said that the idea of a campus is not well known in Europe because most students commute to class and do not live at their school. After talking with our Regional Leaders, we decided to ask all the Reps by creating a simple survey. With just three questions, we’re able to gain some valuable insights from the 191 Reps who responded.


  • On a scale from 1-5 (1=not understood, 5=well understood), how well is the “Campus Reps” name understood by students in your country?
  • If “Campus Reps” was to be replaced with another name in your country, which of the following names would students most likely prefer? (choices: Student Ambassador, Student Representative, University Ambassador, University Representative, or suggest your own write-in)
  • Which country do you live in?

Not surprisingly, the data shows that student opinions on the Campus Reps name vary by geography. Overall, 56% of Reps feel the current name is well understood. Once we break down the data by country and region, we notice some interesting trends.

Exploring alternative names

Now that we know the Campus Reps brand doesn’t relate well in some regions, let’s take a look at how Reps liked the other names we suggested. Overall, Student Ambassador and Student Representative were the top picks (receiving 47% and 25% of votes, respectively). Choosing a name that focuses on the Student rather than the University makes sense. Not all of our Reps are in universities or refer to their school as a university — we even have some Reps in high school.  Also, Representative is a more natural fit since Campus Reps already refers to representative by using its abbreviated form, Reps. Choosing a name that doesn’t include Rep or Representative could cause confusion as well, which is why I think its best to pick Student Representative.


  • In the US, almost all of the Reps feel that the current name is appropriate
  • In Europe, the Campus Reps name is not well understood.
  • In Latin America, the name only relates somewhat well to students.
  • Student Representative appears to be the best alternative name.

If you want to take a look at the survey data yourself, you can grab it in csv format here:

[download id="1"]

Moving forward

The next step is to get feedback on this data and decide how we want to tweak the Campus Reps brand for different regions. Do we want one other name for Reps outside the US? Or multiple names? What are your thoughts about the Campus Reps name? Let me know what you think in the comments.

6 thoughts on “What’s in a name? Understanding the Campus Reps brand

  1. In the UK (the native English-speaking part of Europe), we rarely use the word “campus”. When we do, it’s because a university has multiple campuses in different locations which are all part of the same institution. So in that case, being a “campus rep” is actively misleading – it suggests that you are responsible for only one part of the institution rather than the whole of it.


  2. I would disagree with the above comment. I am a campus rep for The University of Plymouth in South West England and everyone I know refers to being on the university site as being ‘on campus’. I suppose the main factor is whether you are going to a campus based (i.e. majority of educational buildings and some amenities all in one location) or city based (educational buildings and amenities spread out over a city) university. It’s not clear-cut though as some cross this boundary. Few modern Uk universities have multiple campuses and those that do almost almost always have one main campus – the others just being ex-colleges and the like. I get that it is potentially misleading when taken literally but I also think it sounds much cooler than any of the other possible names which is important if you want people to take on the role.

  3. In Denmark, where I live, we don’t have a word similar to ‘Campus’. In fact, I even had to look it up to understand the basic meaning. The abbreviation for representative would fit more to ‘Student’, I think. It would be more international

  4. Hi

    How do Universities in the UK become involved with the establishment of Campus Reps?

  5. Hi Lee,

    Any student can sign up to join our program!

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