Awesome new ways to help and delight Firefox users

We’ve been exploring new ways to engage with our users, and the Army of Awesome is the program I’m most excited about right now. The Firefox Support team (SUMO) has been working hard to improve how we help Firefox users, and the Army of Awesome has become a powerful new channel for making a positive impact on our users. Launched just under a month ago, we’ve already seen 350+ Firefox users reply to over 2200 tweets.

The amazing thing about these replies is that they’re unexpected. Often times these users are delighted to receive a response from a fellow Firefox user. Our users are happy to know that the Mozilla community is listening to them.

We’ve built off the success of the community powered @FirefoxHelp by enabling contributors to tweet from their own accounts. Not only are users helping each other (that’s the nature of SUMO), but our army of contributors are proactively responding to users who haven’t approached us first. Compare that to users who go to to learn more about Mozilla or go to SUMO for help. We’re now engaging with our users in a totally different way.

Although the Army of Awesome isn’t focused on support issues, that is where I see it making the biggest difference at first. A frustrated user that receives a reply resolving their dilemma is thrilled. It might make their day and the user might share the experience with friends.

And situations like this happen everyday offline as well. While waiting at a bus stop last week, I overheard a couple trying to figure out which bus line to take in order to meet up with friends. I chimed in to let them know which bus would take them to their destination, and they were delighted to have someone answer their question. Conversations on Twitter are happening the same way through the Army of Awesome.

While our contributors have been actively tweeting, we’ve also been working on improving the Army of Awesome landing page to make it more useful. Today we’ve updated the page with these enhancements:

New enhancements to the Army of Awesome page:

  • Infinite scrolling (want to view more than the 20 most recent tweets? Now you can see hundreds)
  • SUMO search box in the sidebar (quickly look up a SUMO article to link to in a reply)
  • Timestamps link to status permalink
  • Usernames and avatars link to user’s profile on

As we continue improving the Army of Awesome, we’re looking at ways of making the experience for our contributors more engaging and interactive. We’re thinking about recognizing users who are first to respond to tweets and also our top tweeters. We also want to show our community how many tweets we’re responding to. These ideas and others are being tracked in our website roadmap.

How do you think the Army of Awesome page can be more engaging for our contributors? Add your ideas in the comments.