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At a recent Cantina night at Mozilla HQ, a group of us were talking about how we don’t blog much. It’s not for a lack of ideas – there’s plenty of Web projects we can talk about. And we do talk about them all the time but it’s usually offline. We quickly realized that just as we read dozens of blogs each week, others are probably interested in what we’re doing and would like to talk with us about it. We all agreed we’d like to blog more.

Since none of us are active bloggers right now, we decided we’d encourage each other to blog, even offering to screen ideas for interest and review drafts.

So we made a pact – we’d each write a blog post in the next month. A few days later, half of us already had a blog post up. And I’m confident the rest of us will have our posts online soon. And yes, this post counts as mine.

As a result we’re moving our offline conversations online, expanding our conversations to a much larger audience. And we’re helping each other to become better bloggers. That’s the kind of peer pressure I like. Everyone wins.

Like us, do you want to blog more? Join our pact and then add a link to your next blog post in the comments. I’d love to read it.

3 thoughts on “Blogging for the Web

  1. I want to blog more! I also feel like I spend more time trying to keep up with all the links people send around instead of creating new material. Recently I heard about someone who was going to learn a new bash command every day for a year. I’ve been contemplating a 365 project myself and it would definitely have to include blogging. I did blog today and will try to keep doing it more often.

  2. I like the idea of a 365 project. Although I’m not ready to blog every day yet, I will try to blog at least 1 or 2 times a week. Do you have more info about the daily bash command you heard about? I’m interested. And thanks for sharing your blog post!

  3. I’m glad we all started blogging! It’s much easier to reach your goals if you make them public and are working with other people. Thanks for helping William!

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