Recap of reddit IAmA for Firefox 4 RC

Last Thursday to celebrate releasing Firefox 4 RC, we had people from across the Mozilla project participate in a reddit IAmA to talk about Firefox 4. The discussion was a huge success with over 3,100 comments from around 2,000 people. There’s definitely a strong response that people are interested and excited about Firefox 4. And you could tell that the reddit community was delighted and impressed with the honest, personal (and sometimes cheeky) responses they got from Mozillians.

Some of the Mozillians who answered questions on reddit

We had hundreds of great questions and comments. Here a few that caught my eye:

o hai reddit! (introducing the Mozillians)

My grandma wants to know if she’ll “still be able to get the Google” on the new browser. Please advise.

Why is your browser the best browser to ever roam the dark lands of the internet?

And some praise of Firefox 4 as well:

Hi guys! Just wanted to say – love your browser. Thanks very much for being awesome.

You’re on top again in my opinion. Now that you’ve made it a much more minimalistic design (my biggest complaint) you’ve won me back to FF full-time.

I just love your browser. Hats off to Firefox team for all their efforts on Firefox 4.

Big thanks to all the Mozillians who helped response to questions and comments from the reddit community. I heard many of you enjoyed talking with the reddit community, and I know they loved the IAmA as well.

What was your favorite comment? What do you suggest for our next IAmA?

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