Spread the word about Firefox 4!

Firefox 4 is here! Now you can help get the word out by tweeting and posting on Facebook. Here are some quick and fun ways for you to participate.

Join the Twitter Party

This Twitter Party is pure fun and celebration. No cover charge, either.

Tweet about Firefox 4 with the #fx4 hashtag and your Twitter avatar will join thousands of others from around the world as part of our logo mosaic. Also, check out how the technology behind Twitter Party works by reading a behind the scenes post by Quodis, who created the site.

Post a Facebook Badge

Facebook badges are flair for your Wall. Post one or all four.

Add one of these awesome Firefox badges to your wall for your friends to see and they’ll be encouraged to download Firefox 4. Post one (or all 4) and add a fun message too.

Get your all new Website buttons

Your site looks even more awesome with a Firefox button

Dress up your blogs and websites with our snazzy new Firefox 4 buttons.

Watch downloads live on Glow

The downloads are so bright, I gotta wear shades

Track download stats in real-time and zoom in to view stats for each country, state, or even city. Awesome use of canvas.

Take a moment to share Firefox 4 on your social networks and celebrate the release.

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