The Firefox Facebook page is growing all around the world

With more than 4.3 million of our users “liking” the Mozilla Firefox page, our Facebook fans truly represent our global community and users. Not surprisingly, less than half of those users (46%) speak English. That means we can’t just offer content in English like many other brands and organizations do on Facebook. So just like the Mozilla websites and our product, we strive to offer a localized experience for our users.

Firefox 4 announcement for German users

And we’ve already started the past couple of months with some localized status updates on the Mozilla Firefox page and in our custom tabs. The status update announcing Firefox 4 was posted in 19 languages. Plus, our Firefox 4 tab is localized and soon our Web Hero tab will be as well.

Web Hero tab in French

Just how global are our users on Facebook? Here are the numbers Facebook provides us:

Top languages

1,673,029 English (US)
508,871 Spanish
314,752 English (UK)
238,148 Indonesian
171,194 Spanish (Spain)
169,944 German
168,838 French (France)
126,013 Italian
74,024 Turkish
64,166 Arabic
57,099 Polish
55,224 Hungarian
45,045 Czech
41,864 Thai
41,530 Portuguese (Brazil)
38,355 Greek
37,210 Bulgarian
34,841 Portuguese (Portugal)
34,170 Serbian

Top countries

760,224 United States
297,298 Indonesia
168,087 India
155,447 Mexico
141,135 Germany
137,968 Malaysia
133,423 Philippines
131,514 Italy
120,319 Argentina
118,523 United Kingdom
92,854 Chile
89,158 France
84,576 Canada
79,850 Egypt
76,515 Turkey
71,164 Spain
67,204 Venezuela
57,748 Poland
54,738 Thailand

We’re continuously thinking about providing content which is even better tailored to Facebook users in different regions of the world who don’t speak English as their first language. Do you know any organizations or brands that have localized Facebook content? Add your favorite to the comments or add your own ideas for localizing content.

5 thoughts on “The Firefox Facebook page is growing all around the world

  1. Lord BlackFox

    It looks more like German than Deutsh in the first picture.

  2. Thanks Lord BlackFox, I’ve updated the caption!

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  5. I’m interested in the number of Hebrew/Israel users on the official page. We have more than 1,000 users on our local Facebook page, and I’m interested to know the sum of local users who are following our messages on any of these pages.

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