Bringing a localized experience to our social channels

As the number of people wanting to be our friends and stay connected with Firefox increases, a growing number of those users speak languages other than English. This gives us a big opportunity to interact with them in their own language.

Just as Firefox is localized in over 80 languages, imagine if our Facebook page or Twitter presence was available in 80 languages as well. And what if users could have conversations with other users and Mozilla contributors on those social networks as well? That would be quite a rich experience, and I think it’s an experience we should strive to offer for our 5 million+ users on those networks.

Studies have shown that localized content on these channels offers an experience for users that is several times more engaging. The exciting bit is that we’ve already localized some of our content on our social channels, and it’s proven to be quite successful in engaging our users. We currently localize announcements for Firefox updates and new campaigns, and we also localize our custom tabs on Facebook when possible.

We can improve on this by creating an easy way to offer localized versions of almost all our content on these pages. We could start with a few locales as a trial. We’d create solid experiences and have conversations with those users that is just as compelling as our English content. If successful, we could then add more locales.

What is your favorite way that Firefox content is localized (besides in the product itself)? What organizations or brands have you seen localized content for that have impressed you? Add your thoughts in the comments.