Getting ready for my first rodeo at SXSW

I first heard about SXSW when I was in college, and it sounded amazing. Nerds converging in one place for an entire weekend of talks, events, and hanging out? That’s my kind of event. A dream event, even.

This year I’m going, and I’m ecstatic about my first SXSW Interactive. After digesting the massive schedule and reading several guides (my favorite is Brad King’s Nerdpocalypse guide), I have a basic plan. My goal is to meet lots of people and get ideas for making Firefox social media even better. There are a few talks and events I definitely want to attend, and the rest I’ll figure out as I go (mind like water).

Are you going to SXSW? @dailycavalier me on Twitter and let’s meet up.

SXSW veterans, what are your tips for surviving?

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