My first MDN Hack Day – NYC

stickers, swag, rockets!

stickers, swag, rockets!

The other week I joined a number of Mozillians and web makers for a Hack Day in New York City. What’s a Hack Day?

The intention is to host a day of talks, hacks and demos that first introduces the participants to Mozilla and our various open web projects, then invite attendees to shift into participant mode and start hacking.

Sounds fun, right? A day of learning and hacking with others who like like to make things on the web.

My Hack Day experience

I was delighted to participate while visiting New York. As a hobbyist web maker, I found the talks and collaborative hacking very helpful. While there’s lots of great documentation for web developers, nothing beats talking to people and sharing ideas. I’m currently working on a simple web app for people in the Bay Area, and I was able to get advice from experts on some implementation challenges I’d hit with offline support. Plus, there was time at the end of the Hack Day to see what everyone created and get to know each other better.

What’s next?

This was the first ever MDN Hack Day, and there are several more being planned for later this year. The next one will be in Buenos Aires on April 20, and you should participate if you are in the area (it’s free!). Future Hack Days will be announced on Mozilla Hacks.

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