Reaching millions more Firefox users in Latin America

Where will we find the millions of Firefox users in Latin America? Photo by Ricardo Pontes

At MozCamp the other week, Winston Bowden and I hosted a workshop for improving our user engagement programs in Latin America. There are already millions of Firefox users in that area, but there is potential for many millions more to discover and use Firefox.

As a group we brainstormed ways to talk to new users and reach them. Chelsea Novak will then help put together a regional toolkit for Latin America. Such a toolkit will provide the information and resources to reach people and tell them about Firefox. And we’ll be sharing the initial toolkit in the coming weeks.

Many ideas for finding new Firefox users

The 25 Mozillians in our workshop had lots of ideas. A full list of responses and ideas are in this etherpad. We also discussed important Latin American events for our content calendar and ways to adapt our social media strategy for the region.

If you’re interested in contributing to the regional toolkit or just giving feedback, send a note to the user engagement mailing list.

How do you think we can reach new Firefox users in Latin America? Leave a comment below.