A single serving web site for an escalator

I love single serving sites. And I’ve recently been amused at the number of broken escalators at BART stations. After seeing burritojustice’s tweet, I quickly forked Is there a Giants game today? to let BART travelers know about their how their favorite escalator is doing.

Introducing isthe24thstmissionbartescalatorworking.com

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A force for good: 10 million Firefox fans on Facebook

The Mozilla Firefox page on Facebook recently passed 10 million fans. That’s a lot of friends, hugs and high-fives!

How does that compare to other brands? That’s more than Hello Kitty, Nike and Taco Bell. It’s also more than Google, and very close to Google Chrome.

We use our Facebook page to develop genuine relationships with Firefox users. It’s a place for us to tell our story, share exciting news, help users and even feature some of our fans. For many Firefox users this is the main way they interact with Mozilla regularly.

Our fans and content are truly global too. While other organizations post content in only English, we publish our posts each week in several languages thanks to our team of over a dozen contributors.

Our Facebook page continues to grow quickly, and I’m looking forward to the next millions of Firefox fans. They’re part of our community and they support Mozilla’s mission to make the Web better. Thank you to all of our fans – you are the ones who really make our Facebook page special.