What fun facts can you find on mozillians.org?

The mozillians.org team is working to improve our community directory’s homepage, and we want to make it more interesting too. There is plenty of great information available on individual profiles, so why not feature some fun facts based on this data?

I would love your help in finding some of these fun facts to add to our homepage. Go to mozillians.org, see what neat things you can find, and then add those facts to this etherpad of fun Mozillians facts.

Did you know that…

  • 6 Mozillians enjoy karaoke
  • 123 Mozillians are in Indonesia
  • 118 Mozillians contribute to Thunderbird
  • 3 Mozillians love bacon
  • 38 Mozillians know python
  • 14 Mozillians live in New York

Note: these numbers are based on mozillians.org profile data, and the actual numbers are probably higher. Especially the number of Mozillians who enjoy bacon!

4 thoughts on “What fun facts can you find on mozillians.org?

  1. I suspect there are more that 3 who like bacon.

  2. Something must be wrong there. You mean, there’s actually a tag for Karaoke? And I didn’t add it? Duh. 😉

    (And I’m pretty sure that more than 38 Mozillians know python…)

  3. I think so too! Either Mozillians don’t know about the group or they’re hiding their love for bacon. I suspect the former 😉

  4. Robert, I’m glad you’ve discovered the karaoke group! And I imagine there are more python developers too. If you know any, ask them to include that skill on their profile 🙂

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