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The other week the Mozilla Reps website team met to improve the user experience for interacting with events on the website. Holly Habstritt Gaal from the Mozilla UX team guided us through the process in a series of four sessions, and this post shares a high-level view of what we created.

Discussing new UX concepts

Discussing new UX concepts

Our sessions took us through the user experience design process we adapted from Design Staff, and each session covered one stage — Understand, Diverge, Decide, and Prioritize. The group included people who work on back-end development, front-end development, quality assurance, visual design, product management, web product management and program management.

We started the first session by considering our goals, success metrics and user types. We then reviewed website analytics, research and user feedback to give us additional information. Based on that context we were able to create a problem statement:

We are not making events easy to organize, discover, or measure. We will design a better experience for the core needs of Reps and Mozillians, such as gaining new contributors and supporting Mozilla initiatives.

In our second session, we identified six types of tasks for improving events:

  • Organize. Make it easy for Mozilla Reps to create and manage events.
  • Discover. Make it easy for people to find relevant events.
  • Measure and validate. Demonstrate the impact of events and how those events further Mozilla initiatives.
  • Integrate. Improve information flow with internal/external services.
  • Promote. Add ways for users to share events.
  • Call to action. Add new calls to action (CTAs) for users.

With these tasks in mind, we individually sketched ideas using markers and paper to brainstorm solutions to these tasks. We held another round of sketching to refine the ideas, and then we shared our concepts with the group and discussed them to raise concerns, assumptions and alternative solutions.

Sharing a sketch

Sharing a sketch

Our last two sessions helped us solidify our ideas and decide how we would prioritize them. For our third session we reviewed our seven concepts in more detail and talked through user stories for them. In our last session we prioritized these tasks amongst each other and also talked about how we want to sequence them as part of our work during the rest of this year (Q3 and Q4).

As we wrapped up our sessions on day two, we had a clear understanding of what we want to accomplish and the priorities for implementing those concepts. We will now create specifications for those ideas, prioritize them amongst our other non-events projects and identify any other resources we need. In a short amount of time, we certainly accomplished a lot!

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