State of the Reps Portal

There are lots of exciting things happening with the Mozilla Reps website, and I want to give an update on where things stand and share what’s coming next. continues to be a key way for Mozilla Reps to organize and report their activities continues to be a key way for Mozilla Reps to organize and report their activities

The Reps Portal gets about 250 visitors each day, which is pretty impressive considering there are just under 400 Reps. The average person visits the site for 4 minutes 18 seconds. Amazingly, Reps are organizing and participating in over 1,000 events each year. Reps are organizing more events than any other group in Mozilla.

The core functionality of the Reps Portal is composed of profiles, events, monthly reports and a dashboard. Most recently, we have released a voting feature so Reps can vote and comment on polls, which help different groups and the program as a whole make decisions. We’re also planning to use the voting feature to approve swag and budget requests for events.

Some of the most useful tools are highly specific. Here are two powerful features that you may not have noticed yet:

  • You can automatically add events that interest you to your calendar. On the events page, search for a location or any keyword, click the Advanced Options icon, and choose Export iCalendar. This will add a feed of those events to your personal calendar.
  • You can send an email to Mozillians attending an event. On an event page, simply click on Mail attendees.

Even with a great site, there is plenty more we can do. We are working to improve how you interact with events on the site, switch to a better reporting system, and show more insights and actionable items on your dashboard.

The team working on the Reps Portal continues to grow, and we have 14 people contributing to the site. Take a look at our team page to get to know everyone, and stop by #remo-dev on IRC or post on ourĀ discussion forum. We are a fun group!

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