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[This is a re-post of a post that originally appeared on the Mozilla about:community blog]

We have added some new profile fields on, our community directory, to answer common questions Mozillians often have for each other. Take 2 minutes to update your profile and add your timezone, other accounts, when you got involved with Mozilla, what you do for Mozilla and your t-shirt size. Plus, make sure you have a nice profile photo showing your face, which is especially helpful for finding Mozillians at events like the Summit.

You can edit your profile to add more information

You can edit your profile to add more information

The new profile fields make it easier to see how people contribute for Mozilla, add external accounts to collaborate with Mozillians and share your t-shirt with people who make t-shirts. With these new fields we have added a privileged privacy level and multi-value fields. Here’s are the new fields you can add:

  • Timezone
  • Accounts on other websites (like Bugzilla and Github)
  • When did you get involved with Mozilla?
  • T-Shirt Size

T-shirts and privileged information

When you set your t-shirt size, your size will only be visible to a few people thanks to our new ‘privileged’ visibility level. Only those who need sizes for ordering t-shirts and admins will be able to view your t-shirt size. I’m especially excited about this field, since we will no longer need to ask Mozillians for their t-shirt size, and those who make t-shirts for Mozillians will have accurate sizing information.

T-shirts! You can add your size to your profile and it is only visible to a few trusted t-shirt people

T-shirts! You can add your size to your profile and it is only visible to a few trusted t-shirt people

Multi-value fields for accounts

We have added accounts for other sites and services that Mozillians often use. We created multi-value fields for the accounts section, so you can add multiple accounts for each service. For example, if you have two Twitter usernames, you can add both of them.

Give it a try

That’s a lot of new goodness for profiles. Be sure to edit your profile to include this information – it only takes a moment. If you see any issues with these site, file a bug and we’ll look into it. profiles are now filled with more useful information profiles are now filled with more useful information

7 thoughts on “ profiles are now even more awesome

  1. Awesome! Like the T Shirt field! ^^

  2. Me too. Thanks Galaxy!

  3. It seems the latest firefox nightly isn’t able to use persona on this site. I’m still able to use persona on other sites I try though. Not sure where to report this bug.

  4. If I have selected as my country Czech Republic, what about defaulting to Europe/Prague timezone?

  5. The linked accounts are a bit difficult to fill, as it is hard to determine for which accounts you should fill your log-on email address or a URL to your profile. It’d better if each account will have a placeholder text in form of a default address to user profile, which will allow us to better understand what we should type there. I had to save and preview the page to find out that I was supposed to fill only my username part, as most other sites request us to type the full URL to our profile.

    I suggest separating the accounts area into two sections – Mozilla-propriety services such as AMO, SUMO, ReMo etc., and one for external sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    Please note that ReMo is currently missing from the selection box, and I think it’d be good idea to allow people to add accounts for other services as well (free-type area), for example some countries have different social networks than what is common in North America and Europe, and we can also use this to link to profiles on community sites which is very useful to Mozillians but will be a bit difficult to track what services each community site provides from a growing list of 100+ community Mozilla sites worldwide.

    Also, I’d like to tweak its appearance a bit, and have clickable network icons instead of a plain text links.

    As for the get involved date, I don’t think that months should be mandatory. You see, I don’t really remember when I was started in Mozilla more than a decade ago, and what year actually I got well into Mozilla. First commit? First bug report or comment? Well, I was thinking about choosing a year estimated year of getting involved, but I don’t see why a month is needed when people are involved for more than few years, unless you want to celebrate our Getting-Involved-day every year. ☺

    The shirt size was very difficult to me to understand what should I chose, and before I saw there is an hidden tooltip I accidentally chosen a size from the upper row. I guess that some other will do the same mistake and I don’t think they’d be happy to get a wrong size shirt because they clicked at the wrong field on the site.

    IRC nickname on the profile page links to irc:// and not directly to the nickname. It is common in desktop IRC clients that such links should open a direct messaging window to the user.

    The email on the profile page is not linkable.

    Timezone is a great addition, but having it very close to the user location looks like it is part of the location fields. I suggest moving it downward, and instead of just showing the timezone in Continent/CapitalCity format also showing its offset from UTC, the current local time (so we could use it to determine if currently is the right time to call the user), and possible also to calculate the hours offset from the chosen viewing user if they both have filed the timezone field correctly. (I am doing a lot of calculations daily to find my current offset from UTC and add it to the offset of the other peer from UTC, just to find out if it is currently day or night at the other peer).

  6. Sorry for the delayed response. Is this still an issue? If so, you can file a bug here.

  7. I think this is a great suggestion. Thanks Matěj!

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