How evolved in 2013

Mozilla’s community directory,, saw a lot of changes in 2013. Here are some of the highlights.

New features and code improvements

Development work

Quality Assurance growth

  • During the course of the redesign, the community organized 3 large test initiatives to test new features and design concepts
  • 40+ community contributors, 25 repeatedly were involved in multiple test days and acted as mentors and stewards to the project
  • Mozillians was a nice gateway onto other Mozilla web projects. Often times this was the first project community members decided to get involved with before branching off onto other projects.

Some website metrics

  • 4,809 vouched profiles
  • 1,532 public profiles (32%)
  • 7,369 unvouched profiles
  • 443,052 pageviews
  • 98,527 visits

Looking back

In 2013 evolved from being a useful directory tool to becoming an important platform for all Mozillians. The site underwent a big redesign with improved UX. Apps like Air Mozilla and the Summit app relied on the Mozillians API for people information. New profile fields and privacy controls led to 1,500 Mozillians sharing more information and making their profiles public.

As a team we focused on ways to make a large impact quickly and also set ourselves up for our ambitious community building plans to grow to 1 Million Mozillians. We invested in building new features, paying technical debt, shipping quality releases, mentoring new contributors and improving documentation. The redesign invigorated people to get involved, and over 60 people volunteered by making contributions during the year. That’s a huge change compared to a year ago when there was less momentum and just a few people involved with making better. Now the project and community surrounding it feel vibrant and alive.

What was your favorite change or contribution to in 2013?

Looking forward has the potential to be an even more valuable tool for the Mozilla community. In 2014 we’ll be exploring ways to show contributions on profiles, display badges that demonstrate skills and achievements, provide better location information, make the API even more useful and improve authorization. How can be more useful for your needs?

Thanks to the splendid team, contributors and all Mozillians for an awesome 2013!

How the Mozilla Reps Portal grew in 2013

The Reps Portal, a platform used by our 400 Mozilla Reps to organize and measure activities, continued to be a critical piece to the success of the program in 2013. Here are some of the highlights.

New features and code improvements

Development work

  • 9 contributors and 15 mentored bugs
  • Closed 259 bugs
  • 19 releases with new features, improvements and fixes

Some metrics

  • 74,851 visits
  • 227,909 pageviews
  • 1,145 events organized
  • 401 Reps
  • 49 Mentors
  • 9 Council members

Looking back

We focused 2013 on preparing the Reps Portal to scale in impact. We built two key features (voting and continuous reporting) to that helped us streamline a slow process and better measure activities. The project made progress towards continuous delivery, which will speed up our development cycles in the future. Technical debt was repaid by upgrading frameworks and libraries and also by refactoring a huge number of tests. We spent a lot of time mentoring people contributing code to the portal. Much planning was also done during our UX Sessions in August, the Remo Camp in September and recent work with the Council to set 2014 development priorities.

Looking forward

The Reps Portal is in a position to become more valuable to Reps and all Mozillians in 2014. More people are contributing to the project, our development cycle is getting faster and we have clear priorities. Technical debt has reduced substantially, and we know where we can continue to improve on the technical side.