Add more accounts to your profile

You can now add accounts from three popular Mozilla sites to your profile on, our community directory. This changes adds support for, and accounts. Simply sign-in to Edit Your Profile, and then fill in the accounts you want to add. You can choose to make those accounts publicly viewable or only show them to other vouched Mozillians.

New account types

You can now add accounts from three popular Mozilla sites to your profile

And while you are updating your profile, be sure to add your timezone. This is especially helpful for finding good times to chat with others who are in different time zones.

Introducing a better reporting system for Mozilla Reps

Starting today we are switching to a new reporting system for Mozilla Reps that is easier, faster, and activity-based. This means there are no more monthly reports, and Reps can report activities as they happen.

Reps have a better, faster form for documenting activities

Reps have a better, faster form for documenting activities

We originally chose a monthly reporting system because of technical limitations when reports were first posted on the wiki. This new activity-based reporting will provide more frequent reporting, more valuable information and better measurement of the impact of the Reps program. Reps do great things all the time, and we want to be able to show that success to them and others involved with Mozilla.

The new reporting system introduces two types of reporting (active and passive) in order to make it easier to communicate activities and save time. Active reports are done by completing a simple form. Passive reports are automatically generated as Reps work on different efforts. When a Rep creates an event or attends an event on the Reps Portal, a passive report will automatically be created about that action. A Rep’s mentor will be notified when a Rep organizes or attends an event, and that information will appear on the Rep’s profile.

A Rep no longer need to create reports saying she or he is organizing or attending an event, since it will be done automatically. In the future, we plan to add more types of passive reports, such as tweeting or blogging about a Mozilla topic.

To help Reps get started with these new reports, we will send some initial reminders to the reps-general forum, and then the friendly ReMoBot will send email reminders when a Rep has not reported any activities in 3 weeks. To prevent mentors from getting too many report notifications by email, mentors will receive daily digests that summarize the activities of their mentees.

What happens to existing reports? They have been migrated and now show up as individual activities where it makes sense.

Reps do a lot for Mozilla. We think this new reporting system will greatly improve our ability to show the impact each Rep and the Reps program as a whole are having as Mozilla builds the Internet that the world needs.

Like any process change, the new reporting system may not be perfect and may have bugs, so please do share feedback and ideas with the Reps Dev team or Council. We will continue to improve our tools and processes. If you see some odd behavior, please file a bug.

You can read more about the reporting system in the updated Reports SOP. To add a report go to the Dashboard and click ‘Add report’ or bookmark the direct link.

Welcome to a world of better Reps reports! Special thanks to the ReMo Dev team, Council, and Mentors who have worked on the new reporting system for the last few months, from design to testing. It has been a big effort, and we are excited to launch today.