Better location information on profiles, our community directory, now has more accurate geographic data for 6000 vouched Mozillians. You may need to update your profile, since not all of the existing data could be migrated, some migrations may not be accurate, and you may want to review your privacy settings.


You can now add your location to your profile by searching a map

The new location functionality uses some great libraries and services – Leaflet, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. Leaflet provides the user interface on the Edit Your Profile page. Mapbox is a mapping platform that allows us to use custom maps. OpenStreetsMap has structured location information that is used for the geolocation data.

Having accurate location data makes it easier for Mozillians to find other contributors in a specific country, region or city. This is especially useful for community builders or event organizers. In the past, we had a curated list of countries and all regions and cities were stored as text. This meant we had lots of duplicate data (“NYC” and “New York”) and lots of unstructured data.
This release resolves numerous outstanding bugs (see bugs dependent on tracking bug 920651).

We’ll now be able to use location data in other parts of the site, such as displaying a map of members on a group page. Look for more functionality that makes use of location information later this year.

Give it a try

Better location information is a big improvement for profiles. Take 2 minutes to Edit Your Profile to add or edit your correct location – it only takes a moment.

You may see issues with the map data that is provided by OpenStreetMap, and a some of our tester already discovered a few. You can let OpenStreetMap know about these issues by following our instructions for reporting bad location data.

This release has been tested on desktop devices and is largely untested on mobile devices. This is a great opportunity to get involved. If you see any issues with the location interface, file a bug and we’ll look into it. Also, stop by the #commtools IRC channel and say hi to the team.