2014 halfway point for Community Tools

As part of Mozilla’s 2014 goal to grow the number of active contributors by 10x, we have been adding new functionality to our tools. Community Tools are the foundation for all activities that our global contributors do to help us achieve our mission. At their best, they enable us to do more and do better.

We have a comprehensive roadmap to add more improvements and features, but stepping back, this post summarizes what the Community Tools team has accomplished so far this year. Tools are an org-wide, cross-functional effort with the Community Building team working on tools such as Baloo and the Mozilla Foundation building tools to enable and measure impact (see areweamillionyet.org). We’re in the process of trying to merge our efforts and work more closely. However, this post focuses on mozillians.org and the Mozilla Reps Portal.


Our community directory, has over 6000 profiles of vouched Mozillians. This is a core way for volunteers and staff to contact each other and organize their programs, projects and interests through groups. Our efforts have a common theme of making it easier for Mozillians to get the information they need. Recently, we’ve worked on:

  • Improvements to vouching – making it much clearer who can access non-public information using Mozillians.org (people who have been vouched because they participate and contribute to Mozilla) and how that list of people can grow (through individual judgments by people who have themselves been vouched numerous times).
  • Real location information on profile – using geographical data for Country, Region and City information. No more duplicates or bad locations.
  • Curated groups – increasing the value of groups by having a curator and information for each new group. Group membership can also be used for authorization on other sites through the Mozillians API.
  • Democratize API access – making it easier for any vouched Mozillian to get an API key to access public information on mozillians.org (coming soon). For apps that want to use Mozillians-only information, developers can request a reviewed app API key.
  • New account fields on profiles – adding more ways to contact and learn about contributors. The new fields include Lanyrd, SlideShare, Discourse, phone numbers and more.

Reps Portal

The portal for Reps activities and events has over 400 Reps and documents over 21,000 of their activities since the Reps program started 3 years ago. It provides tools for Reps to carry out their activities as well as public-facing information about thousands of Reps-organized events and general information about the Reps program. So far this year, we have:

What’s next?

We’ve made great progress this year. There’s still a lot to do. For mozillians.org we want to focus on making contributor information more accessible, recognizing contributors in a meaningful way, and creating a suite of modules. On the Reps Portal we will work on scaling operations, measuring the impact of activities and events, and creating a community leadership platform.

The roadmap describes specific projects, and we’ll continue blogging about updates and announcements.

Want to help?

We’d love your help with making mozillians.org and the Reps Portal better. Check out how to get involved and say hi to the team on the #commtools and #remo-dev IRC channels.