The Student Rep will see you now: Introducing Official Office Hours for Student Reps

Beginning this week, we’ll offer official office hours for Student Reps. These dedicated chat hours will provide Student Reps with specified hours during which they can expect to connect with each other when they sign on to our #studentreps channel.  Benefits to Student Reps choosing to utilize these hours include increased interaction via chat–which creates more opportunities to ask questions, learn from one another, and give and receive advice. Initially, Office Hours will be held:

Getting Started

If this is your first time using IRC for chatting, I suggest you connect using the applet posted on our Student Reps IRC page. If you’re a more advanced user, stop by the Mozilla IRC Network for information on connecting with a different client. Once you are connected to, type /join #studentreps to enter the channel.


A few weeks ago we asked our Reps if they would be interested in having set times during the week when they knew they could chat with each other. Positive feedback rolled in! To further define the best way to work this, I created a short questionnaire. Sixty Reps responded. Here’s what they told us:

  • Best days for Office Hours (in order of preference) were Saturday, Sunday, Friday and Wednesday
  • Best time of day was evening, with an 88% interest level (28% liked afternoon, and 5% preferred morning)
  • 85% want to both give and receive advice
  • Most interest came from India (37 responses), followed by the US (7) and the Philippines (4)

To start, we’re choosing Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday because they were the most popular days, and they are nicely spaced to provide coverage throughout the week. I’ll be in the channel myself on Wednesdays, and I’ll try my best to be there on weekends as well.

As we learn what works best for everyone, the hours for each day may change slightly. Keep in mind that these are just official times when you can expect me to be online along with Reps and Regional Leaders. You’re always welcome to be in the channel anytime, 24/7.