Army of Awesome is now localized

I’m excited to announce that the Army of Awesome page now supports more locales. When we launched the program last October, it only showed English tweets but we knew we wanted to support other languages as well. The page and signpost messages have now been localized in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. And we’re excited about adding more locales soon.

Army of Awesome in German

Army of Awesome in German

Twitter supports 12 other languages so those are the best candidates to localize. These languages are Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Farsi / Persian, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai. If you’re interested in localizing the Army of Awesome for your language, contact Kadir Topal to find out how.

Next up for Army of Awesome, we’ll be adding a Filter button for quickly drilling down to the tweets you want to see and the ability to remove tweets from the list that don’t need a response. Both of these should make it much easier and faster for you to find the tweets you want to respond to.

Big thanks to Kadir Topal, Paul Craciunoiu, and our awesome localizers for adding localization support. If you have any suggestions for the Army of Awesome, leave a comment or add your ideas to the wiki page.

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  2. Cool!
    I hope to see a mobile web friendly AoA page soon 🙂

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