How users were social with Firefox in 2011

2011 was the first year we focused on nurturing relationships with Firefox users on social networks. We built and developed those relationships through hugs, handshakes and high-fives. In past years, we posted on Facebook and Twitter on an ad hoc basis, maybe a couple times a month. Now we’re intentional about posting relevant content almost daily and having conversations with our users as well. As a result, we’ve seen our number of relationships nearly double in a year and our users are actively engaged.

How did we increase the amount of content we published from a few dozen posts a year to over 300? Sure, we could have only shared news and updates about Firefox as a product, but we found our users resonated better with a balance of 3 different types of content. As Jane mentioned in her post:

Our content is split pretty evenly between being (i) informative about Firefox as a product and sharing the latest news, (ii) offering helpful advice and tips on how to make the most of Firefox, and (iii) most importantly balanced with fun, engaging and inspiring engagement activities.

As 2012 kicks off, we’ll continue to nurture relationships more than ever. Mozilla is an organization about people building a better Web. Our millions of friends support that cause and are actively engaged with us. Those friends have made the Mozilla project  successful, and they will continue to help us in making the Web better. Our New Years resolution is to continue innovating on your behalf and keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands. And nurturing relationships is a key part of that.

2011 in social by the numbers

  • 6.5 million Firefox fans on Facebook
  • 640,000 @Firefox followers on Twitter
  • 45-50% of Facebook fans engaging with us each month
  • In March, Firefox 4 spread around world through two social campaigns that were shared by hundreds of thousands of users
  • Over 300,000 Facebook shares (likes, comments, shares) in the last 3 months alone
  • Some Facebook posts were localized into as many as 15 language
  • Celebrated 7 years of Firefox by bringing cuteness to the world with Firefox Live with 4.5 million video plays and 200,000 hours of cuteness watched