groups now have curators and other goodnesss

On, Mozilla’s community directory, there are hundreds of self-organized groups of people based on a variety of interests. The Community Tools team has released some big improvements for how you can create, manage and view groups in order to provide more value in connecting with fellow Mozillians.

Create a curated group

Create a group described with several fields

New ways to curate groups

Starting today, all new groups will have a curator, which is the person who created the group. The curator has the ability to set the general information of the group, manage some settings and moderate the membership of the group.

The general information on curated groups now includes the fields that have been shown on functional area groups for a while. These fields include a description, IRC channel, website, and wiki page. The group curator can also decide if the group is accepting new members by default or only by request.

Group curators can manage the group's settings and members

Group curators can manage the group’s settings and members

In the past, users created groups simply by typing words into a field on their profiles. Now, users create groups from the groups page.

If a group is set to accept new members by request, users can request to join the group and the curator will be able to manage those requests from the group’s page. Also, daily email notifications will be sent out to let the curator know when there are membership requests. Curators are able to filter group members to quickly see who is in the group and who has requested membership.

All the groups previously created still exist, and users can join and leave those groups freely.

Give it a try

I’m excited to see how Mozillians will use the new functionality for groups. You can create a new group from the [Browse Groups] page. Please file bugs for issues and enhancement ideas. If you have questions or feedback, please post on our discussion forum or stop by #commtools on IRC.

10 thoughts on “ groups now have curators and other goodnesss

  1. Is there a process in place to give orphaned groups a new curator? Is there a way to have multiple curators?

  2. Great questions. Right now this is a very basic feature, and the current process is to file a bug with your request. If we get lots of requests, we will look at a more automated solution.

    Feature requests on this are awesome. Please file one for having multiple curators if you think it would be valuable.

  3. I think it would be best if every group creator will be promoted to be the curator. Is it possible to know who was the first one to join a group or who have created it?

    Also, I suggest to set-up a router for URLs, because it is much more geeky than ☺

  4. Before the code changes this week, we did not know who first joined a group or created it. Unfortunately, we cannot promote every group curator to be the curator, since we do not know who those people are. If you would like to become the curator of an existing group, please file a bug with that request.

    Great suggestion about setting up a profile for URLs. I have filed bug 969602 to track that work. Thanks Tomer!

  5. Bit offtopic but the link/s in announcements such as
    “New groups have curators and more

    Groups now have curators and other goodness. Read more:

    are not clickable.
    Also is there a way to merge multiple groups since there seems to be some duplicates like “airmozilla” & “air mozilla”?

  6. The unclickable link is a limitation of the tool. Bug 969098 will fix that.

    We can merge groups. Please file bugs listing duplicates that should be merged. Thanks Krishna!

  7. Thanks. You are more motivated to file bugs than me.

  8. (Your website just ate my previous comment because I placed a Unicode Emoticon character in the comment)

    Please note that I’ve talked about placing user profiles on slash-tile-username and not plain slash-username which could break some features in the future. Imagine what could happen if GitHub had a user named ‘trending’ before they’ve shipped

  9. Is there a way to turn a curated group into an open one? (i.e. disabling moderation)

  10. Yes! Curators have the option to choose if they want their group to accept all new members or accept members by request. This option is shown when the curator creates the group and it can also be later modified by the curator.

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