Plans to improve the vouching process for

As we grow to a Million Mozillians, we want to make sure tools like our community directory at can support that growth, and we’re working on some improvements based on feedback from many Mozillians.

During the last two months ideas for sign ups were shared on the community-building and mozillians mailing lists, and the Community Tools team has iterated on those original ideas based on the very useful feedback received. Specifically, we have identified ways to make vouching more meaningful with vouch descriptions and to set criteria for who can vouch others. We then received positive support at a recent Grow Mozilla meeting.

A simplified overview of what’s happening

  • All vouches will have a description. If you have vouched for someone, there will be a migration period during which you will be asked to provide a short piece of text about why you vouched for them. Vouches that receive no description after the migration period will be removed.
  • A person will now be able to be vouched by multiple Mozillians.
  • Only people who have been vouched by at least three others will have the ability to vouch for other people.
  • Language on the site will better explain what vouching means, who can see your information and how the directory will continue to grow.

The detailed plans are described on the wiki page about vouching.

The Community Tools team is getting started with implementing these changes, and we will make announcements to Mozillians with our progress and when these changes are made in the next few months. Our team is excited to help scale the number of people on, and we think these changes, while perhaps not a perfect solution, are a step in the right direction. If you have feedback to share, post it to on the Community Tools discussion forum.

2 thoughts on “Plans to improve the vouching process for

  1. Kewlness! Is there any ETA when these will be implemented? Thanks!

  2. Several people are working on the new vouching improvements right now, and we expect to release it in August. You can follow along in bug 926644 to see exactly when it is completed. Thanks Bob!

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