Important changes to vouching

Today we are rolling out new changes to the vouching system on, our community directory, in order to make vouching more meaningful. has a new vouch form has a new vouch form

Vouching is the mechanism we use to enable Mozillians access to special content, like viewing all profiles on, certain content on Air Mozilla, and Mozilla Moderator. Getting vouched as a Mozillian means you have made a meaningful contribution.

Action required

If you attended the 2013 Summit, there is no impact to how you use the site and no action required. But…we can use your help.

If you have vouched for others previously, go to their profiles and complete the vouching form to describe their contributions by September 30th. You can see the people that you have vouched listed on your profile.

If you did not attend the 2013 Summit, you can still use the site as you do now, until September 30th.

After September 30th, your profile will become unvouched, unless a Mozillian, who attended the 2013 Summit, vouches for you again.

Both volunteers and paid staff are being treated the same when it comes to receiving multiple vouches. That means everyone who wants to vouch for contributors needs to first receive 3 vouches – more information below.

Most importantly, no one’s vouched status is disappearing this week.

More details and an FAQ on the Vouching wiki page.

Thanks to the Team who worked on this big initiative to make vouching better. The new vouching system was designed through discussions at Grow Mozilla meetings and several forum threads on community-building and

2 thoughts on “Important changes to vouching

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I will start by thanking the Team behind all the developments on the website. We truly appreciate all the efforts.

    But I need some I vouched for a friend but I want to edit a few grammatical errors but I seem I can’t. Is there a way anyone you can me help with that?

    Thank you very much for the assistance in advance. All the best and looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Asa, you can file a bug to have the grammatical errors fixed. Here are the instructions for editing a vouch.

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