Becoming a volunteer again

I’m going back to my roots as a volunteer!

The last 6 years have been incredible. Meeting and working with hundreds of Mozillians around the world has been inspiring, challenging and lots of fun. Since my internship in 2009, I’ve seen both myself and Mozilla grow a lot. Thank you for working with me on the Project and teaching me constantly.

Mozillians, continue to do great things for the Web. I’m convinced that we have the most impact when we focus on the user and do things unconventionally. I’m excited about Mozilla’s current focus and journey to space. And while it’s challenging, I know Mozillians are ready for those challenges.

Don’t just fly, soar.

I’ll continue to be involved as a Mozilla Reps mentor and as a contributor. You’ll see me around, mostly online, instead of at the Mozilla SF space each day.

You can reach me through my Mozillians profile and follow what I do next on Twitter @dailycavalier. Please keep in touch and I’m happy to meet up with you in SF.

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