Ask a Mozillian anything today on reddit

Mozillians have participated in several IAmAs on reddit in the past, but today we’re doing something different. Instead of having one team answer questions, we’re asking all Mozillians to participate over the next 24 hours. If you have a few minutes, we’d love to have you respond to a few questions. We’ll be coordinating everything in #iama on IRC.

We are Mozilla. AUA.

If you’re not familiar with reddit IAmA/AMA, it stands for “I am a (Mozilla contributor), ask me anything” that allows the reddit community to pose questions to prominent people or groups. This has become a popular engagement outlet – President Obama participated in an IAmA last month, and Mozillians have conducted IAmAs in the past:

A single serving web site for an escalator

I love single serving sites. And I’ve recently been amused at the number of broken escalators at BART stations. After seeing burritojustice’s tweet, I quickly forked Is there a Giants game today? to let BART travelers know about their how their favorite escalator is doing.


Have an idea? Submit a pull request on GitHub.

A force for good: 10 million Firefox fans on Facebook

The Mozilla Firefox page on Facebook recently passed 10 million fans. That’s a lot of friends, hugs and high-fives!

How does that compare to other brands? That’s more than Hello Kitty, Nike and Taco Bell. It’s also more than Google, and very close to Google Chrome.

We use our Facebook page to develop genuine relationships with Firefox users. It’s a place for us to tell our story, share exciting news, help users and even feature some of our fans. For many Firefox users this is the main way they interact with Mozilla regularly.

Our fans and content are truly global too. While other organizations post content in only English, we publish our posts each week in several languages thanks to our team of over a dozen contributors.

Our Facebook page continues to grow quickly, and I’m looking forward to the next millions of Firefox fans. They’re part of our community and they support Mozilla’s mission to make the Web better. Thank you to all of our fans – you are the ones who really make our Facebook page special.

Reaching millions more Firefox users in Latin America

Where will we find the millions of Firefox users in Latin America? Photo by Ricardo Pontes

At MozCamp the other week, Winston Bowden and I hosted a workshop for improving our user engagement programs in Latin America. There are already millions of Firefox users in that area, but there is potential for many millions more to discover and use Firefox.

As a group we brainstormed ways to talk to new users and reach them. Chelsea Novak will then help put together a regional toolkit for Latin America. Such a toolkit will provide the information and resources to reach people and tell them about Firefox. And we’ll be sharing the initial toolkit in the coming weeks.

Many ideas for finding new Firefox users

The 25 Mozillians in our workshop had lots of ideas. A full list of responses and ideas are in this etherpad. We also discussed important Latin American events for our content calendar and ways to adapt our social media strategy for the region.

If you’re interested in contributing to the regional toolkit or just giving feedback, send a note to the user engagement mailing list.

How do you think we can reach new Firefox users in Latin America? Leave a comment below.

Getting ready for my first rodeo at SXSW

I first heard about SXSW when I was in college, and it sounded amazing. Nerds converging in one place for an entire weekend of talks, events, and hanging out? That’s my kind of event. A dream event, even.

This year I’m going, and I’m ecstatic about my first SXSW Interactive. After digesting the massive schedule and reading several guides (my favorite is Brad King’s Nerdpocalypse guide), I have a basic plan. My goal is to meet lots of people and get ideas for making Firefox social media even better. There are a few talks and events I definitely want to attend, and the rest I’ll figure out as I go (mind like water).

Are you going to SXSW? @dailycavalier me on Twitter and let’s meet up.

SXSW veterans, what are your tips for surviving?

The Two Things about Mozilla

I recently learned about The Two Things question and wanted to apply them to Mozilla and what I’ve learned in engaging with Firefox users.

For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important. –Gary Whitman

The Two Things about Mozilla
  1. Create products (such as Firefox, Marketplace, Persona, B2G) that disrupt controlled platforms in order to build a better Web
  2. Develop projects in an open way that allows contributors from all over the world to participate and work towards the mission of keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands [from About Mozilla]
The Two Things about Engagement
  1. Create authentic relationships with all stakeholders
  2. Each type of stakeholder has different needs
The Two Things about User Engagement
  1. Develop genuine relationships with users that provide 2-way value
  2. Surprise and delight users often
The Two Things about Social Media
  1. Share your story with fans – they’re listening
  2. Listen to users and support them – they have stories to share too and need your help sometimes

What do you think are The Two Things about Mozilla? What are The Two Things about areas where you contribute?

How users were social with Firefox in 2011

2011 was the first year we focused on nurturing relationships with Firefox users on social networks. We built and developed those relationships through hugs, handshakes and high-fives. In past years, we posted on Facebook and Twitter on an ad hoc basis, maybe a couple times a month. Now we’re intentional about posting relevant content almost daily and having conversations with our users as well. As a result, we’ve seen our number of relationships nearly double in a year and our users are actively engaged.

How did we increase the amount of content we published from a few dozen posts a year to over 300? Sure, we could have only shared news and updates about Firefox as a product, but we found our users resonated better with a balance of 3 different types of content. As Jane mentioned in her post:

Our content is split pretty evenly between being (i) informative about Firefox as a product and sharing the latest news, (ii) offering helpful advice and tips on how to make the most of Firefox, and (iii) most importantly balanced with fun, engaging and inspiring engagement activities.

As 2012 kicks off, we’ll continue to nurture relationships more than ever. Mozilla is an organization about people building a better Web. Our millions of friends support that cause and are actively engaged with us. Those friends have made the Mozilla project  successful, and they will continue to help us in making the Web better. Our New Years resolution is to continue innovating on your behalf and keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands. And nurturing relationships is a key part of that.

2011 in social by the numbers

  • 6.5 million Firefox fans on Facebook
  • 640,000 @Firefox followers on Twitter
  • 45-50% of Facebook fans engaging with us each month
  • In March, Firefox 4 spread around world through two social campaigns that were shared by hundreds of thousands of users
  • Over 300,000 Facebook shares (likes, comments, shares) in the last 3 months alone
  • Some Facebook posts were localized into as many as 15 language
  • Celebrated 7 years of Firefox by bringing cuteness to the world with Firefox Live with 4.5 million video plays and 200,000 hours of cuteness watched

Celebrating 7 years of Firefox with the newest (and cutest) Mozillians!

[This is a re-post of a post that originally appeared on the Mozilla blog]

Firefox 7th birthday cake

Today, we are excited to join together as a global community to celebrate the 7th birthday of Firefox. As the only independent browser with a mission to make the Web better, we are proud of how the last seven years of Firefox have pushed the Web forward:

  • The latest release of Firefox is more than 32 times faster than Firefox 1.0.
  • We recently shifted to a new release cycle to deliver features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster.
  • Leading edge HTML5 support in Firefox ensures that developers can create beautiful and exciting Web experiences for users.
  • Favorite features like tabbed browsing, built-in phishing and malware protection, the Awesome Bar, Do Not Track and our gallery of thousands of  Firefox add-ons give millions of users around the world more choice and control over their Web browsing experience.

To celebrate, Mozilla has once again adopted firefox (a.k.a red panda) cubs at the Knoxville Zoo. For the next few months, you can watch these baby firefoxes play, live and grow via a 24 hour live video stream at Firefox Live. Please help spread the word by sharing the cuteness of our newest Mozillians at Firefox Live.

Bringing a localized experience to our social channels

As the number of people wanting to be our friends and stay connected with Firefox increases, a growing number of those users speak languages other than English. This gives us a big opportunity to interact with them in their own language.

Just as Firefox is localized in over 80 languages, imagine if our Facebook page or Twitter presence was available in 80 languages as well. And what if users could have conversations with other users and Mozilla contributors on those social networks as well? That would be quite a rich experience, and I think it’s an experience we should strive to offer for our 5 million+ users on those networks.

Studies have shown that localized content on these channels offers an experience for users that is several times more engaging. The exciting bit is that we’ve already localized some of our content on our social channels, and it’s proven to be quite successful in engaging our users. We currently localize announcements for Firefox updates and new campaigns, and we also localize our custom tabs on Facebook when possible.

We can improve on this by creating an easy way to offer localized versions of almost all our content on these pages. We could start with a few locales as a trial. We’d create solid experiences and have conversations with those users that is just as compelling as our English content. If successful, we could then add more locales.

What is your favorite way that Firefox content is localized (besides in the product itself)? What organizations or brands have you seen localized content for that have impressed you? Add your thoughts in the comments.

The Firefox Facebook page is growing all around the world

With more than 4.3 million of our users “liking” the Mozilla Firefox page, our Facebook fans truly represent our global community and users. Not surprisingly, less than half of those users (46%) speak English. That means we can’t just offer content in English like many other brands and organizations do on Facebook. So just like the Mozilla websites and our product, we strive to offer a localized experience for our users.

Firefox 4 announcement for German users

And we’ve already started the past couple of months with some localized status updates on the Mozilla Firefox page and in our custom tabs. The status update announcing Firefox 4 was posted in 19 languages. Plus, our Firefox 4 tab is localized and soon our Web Hero tab will be as well.

Web Hero tab in French

Just how global are our users on Facebook? Here are the numbers Facebook provides us:

Top languages

1,673,029 English (US)
508,871 Spanish
314,752 English (UK)
238,148 Indonesian
171,194 Spanish (Spain)
169,944 German
168,838 French (France)
126,013 Italian
74,024 Turkish
64,166 Arabic
57,099 Polish
55,224 Hungarian
45,045 Czech
41,864 Thai
41,530 Portuguese (Brazil)
38,355 Greek
37,210 Bulgarian
34,841 Portuguese (Portugal)
34,170 Serbian

Top countries

760,224 United States
297,298 Indonesia
168,087 India
155,447 Mexico
141,135 Germany
137,968 Malaysia
133,423 Philippines
131,514 Italy
120,319 Argentina
118,523 United Kingdom
92,854 Chile
89,158 France
84,576 Canada
79,850 Egypt
76,515 Turkey
71,164 Spain
67,204 Venezuela
57,748 Poland
54,738 Thailand

We’re continuously thinking about providing content which is even better tailored to Facebook users in different regions of the world who don’t speak English as their first language. Do you know any organizations or brands that have localized Facebook content? Add your favorite to the comments or add your own ideas for localizing content.